Will you buy more Discraft discs this year now that McBeth switched?


Do you think you’ll try more Discraft this upcoming year now that Paul is over there? Does his changing manufacturers affect what you will throw next year? Why or why not?


Nope. Unless his presence causes Discraft to release some new molds that I might try, that would be the only reason Paul might lead to more Discraft purchases for me.


While I am a big McBeast fan I won’t be leaving Innova any time soon. I will probably purchase some of his signature discs hoping to get his autograph, especially on first runs. Maybe at next years USDGC. I might try one or two as well. I love my ROC 3’s and can’t imagine ever moving away from them as well as my aviar3’s. I’ve been throwing Leopard, Leopard 3’s and Valkyries since starting 5 years ago and don’t feel like I’ve mastered these discs, but I have a bond with these particular discs and won’t be parting with them anytime soon.


Doubtful, but I’m not completely loyal to 1 brand so who knows. I think they make great discs, but I’m not into their themes, foil discs, or the new Star Wars line. I get why you would do that, but I don’t like it. And as far as disc names go, who wants to throw a disc called a roach? :joy:


Plus you have a whole bonus room of MH stamped discs to look through!


No, throw a zone…but don’t often buy discs because of a player unless supporting a tour. I throw differently so Pauls choice in discs won’t affect mine. Plus he’s dumb, Legacy discs are superior.


I need to look at some mongoose 175s. Loving that disc and the patriot!


Innova for life!

Discraft obviously makes great discs but with Innova in our backyard and so many friends working there the choice is obvious for me. They also really went above and beyond to support Torma Town when purchasing baskets from them.

Innova for life!