What's your favorite course, and why?


Tell us what your favorite Charlotte course is, and in as much detail as you’d like, tell us why it’s so special to you.

I’ll start. My favorite is Nevin because everything there is big, except maybe some fairways. The trees are big, the distances are big. The compounding bad decisions once you get off the fairway can be big.

It’s also a very fair course, and you don’t need a ton of distance to score well here. Accuracy is king.

What’s yours?

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Renaissance Gold has become my new favorite course AGAIN recently. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Her again. The fast greens are extremely challenging! These greens, and Pro for that matter, will test your sanity and build the ability to learn how to lay up when necessary. The front 9 is easier than the back, but it is extremely hard for MOST people to walk off the front 9 under par. So guess what?? More times than not you can can count on adding to your over par or taking away from your under on the back.
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Even though it’s overgrown…R.L. Smith.
Drama. Drama. Drama…holes 2 and 3 are crazy… to me anyway. Water on 4. Death green on 5…
To me it’s just a crazy course. But rewarding when you play well. But I am a rec. Player…for now


So far as I am concerned, Nevin (long) is my favorite Charlotte course…That does NOT mean I play there most often. That would be Reedy Creek. It’s half the distance, and driving time of Nevin. And it’s my most familiar course.



HoNest fo sho! Its got a little bit of everything.


Big fan of Hornets nest and it was one of the first courses that I ever played where you really have to set up your next shot instead of going for it all. The elevated baskets and short par 4’s do a good job at bating you into going for it when you should really lay up. A place where only the smart survive and the risk will rarely be followed up with reward. Where it differs from Nevin is the tight tunnels and lower ceilings that prevent you from throwing anything high and overhand. I find myself praying for my shot here more than other courses which I guess you can say “it has brought me closer to god”. I have also lost more discs at hornets nest than anywhere else so even more reason to continue to go back in hopes of finding my lost plastic. Easter egg hunts mid round always keep me engaged.

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Couldn’t have said it better. RL Smith.

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nevins my favorite bc it makes a man of you

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I’m sorry allow me to continue. Renny Gold on the back will eat your lunch if it’s windy and your not committed to the shot. This especially true on the open/upper holes , aka Shooter’s Hole, 12, & Copperhead Alley, where the wind dictates when it’s blowing hard. Then you come to Gold 14 and you think you should be happy, but that peninsula green and tight fairway will play some mind games on you. Well, I digress…but if you’ll let me finish
This course is special because of the hard work and tenacious attention to detail that was put forth by a couple of Mules. They had minions, groupies, angry wives who couldn’t understand their obsession, other obstacles that can’t be put into words, and dang hard heads to build the beast that became Gold. This was when the slogan, “We are them” first came into play. This course needs so much love, TLC, & overseers to make it shine.

I hope we can make Renny Gold Shine once again. I think that starts with contacting the Club to see how that can be done.

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The good news is there’s a plan for Renny. Mark Huether is working with the new park manager to have bridges and retaining walls rebuilt, and develop a maintenance plan going forward. Look for improvements beginning in the new year.


You’ve never even played there!


Nevin! It’s a beautiful course and very demanding. To score well out there, you’re required to throw many shots well. You gotta throw straight, hyzer, turnover, backhand, forehand, overhand. You’ll need more than just a couple of tricks in your bag to do well there.

Honorable Mention: Hornet’s Nest, RL Smith, Idlewild

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R.L.Smith—Beautiful aesthetics (streams, rock formations), sizeable elevation changes on several holes, not super hard but not too easy (at least for me).
Honorable mention: Renaissance Gold, Hornets Nest


My favorite course in town is Nevin. I prefer the longs but the short layout is not a slouch by any means. Nevin is an incredibly demanding primarily wooded course that is designed with a fair mix of risk reward par 4’s and 5’s as well of a lot of holes that simply “meat and potatoes” holes where you simply just throw the shot the hole demands of everyone. Birdies aren’t easy to come by on this course and bogeys are guaranteed to any player off his or her game. Nevin is considerably thick with brush off the fairways but the course is very well maintained and clean for being a thick wooded course. Staying in the fairway is a must if you expect to shoot under par and because of the length of some of the holes at Nevin, this can be a tall order. My favorite holes on the course are 1,4,8,11,12, and 16. I would say the signature hole on the course is either 4 or 6.

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I really enjoy Kilborne, I don’t get there as much as I would like but I really enjoy that course. I like the variety of shots it takes to score well. I also like the fact that we have so many great courses in the area that I had to think about it just to choose one.


I second Kilborne for similar reasons. I started playing late last summer and I feel that Kilborne offers new players a variety of opportunities to work on new shots/techniques/etc.

You have some distance, some tunnels (but nothing crazy like other local courses), plenty of reasonable scramble situations, and some holes with significant fades/turns required.

I am not biased despite it being the first course I played. (Heck, I played it 34 days in a row last year.) I have played 20+ regional courses so far and I still believe Kilborne has plenty of diversity to learn technical shots and tactics on.

This all helps you learn disc usage and throwing techniques.

(Also, the sweet field next to the parking lot for field work.)

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I’m a newb to the sport, but I rank Wingit at the top of my short list. I’ve got four kids and found the trails just challenging enough for us to manage. Sunk a sweet par 3 from behind of a tree and barely missed a 50’ fling… hooked