Tips to play up to potential in tournaments


It seems like I always play worse with other people, especially in tournaments. Any advice?

Also what waterproof shoes do you recommend?


My hands down favorite waterproof shoe is oboz. Get mid top. They outlast keen 3-1. Run about 180

2nd pick would be Adidas teerex mid top with shoe laces. Mine run about 170. I’ve had them bout 4 months and still waterproof. Dont get the teerex with the cable cinch up thing. It will dig into the shoe and the goretex wont be waterproof anymore


I guess to add on to the shoe question what are the best non waterproof shoes. I have spent decent money on shoes to have the soles come up from the way I drag my feet, especially my left foot. Even brand new new balances.


I’m a big fan if the Adidas Terrex Swift Gtx. I’ve never had an issue with the drawstring tearing up the fabric either and i’ve had about 5 pairs. My newest pair has the Continental rubber on the bottom and I do think i’m getting more life out of it than the previous ones