Rain tips, tricks and strategies


Having only played a couple events in the rain, my rain management procedures are in their infancy and need improvement. I’m interested in learning some of the not-so-obvious tips and tricks along with general helpful insight. I went through four towels yesterday, all of which I kept in ziplocks until needed. My talc, “rain” jacket and gloves were all soaked through by the middle of the second round and my bag felt like it weighed fifty pounds. I used an umbrella for the first time yesterday coupled with my backpack…honestly, that was kind of a pain in the ass. Seeing the open guys/girls still go out and shred while the rest of struggle tells me there are secrets we are not wise to.


If you don’t already have a rainfly, you NEED one. The birdie bags are completely useless in the rain. Get a good waterproof jacket. I think mine is Columbia, but the manufacturer is irrelevant tbh. I would put my towels in my jacket pocket to keep them dry. Always pick up your bag with you non-throwing hand. You want to keep your hands and discs as dry as possible.

Even with all of that, I tend to change my strategy. I can’t hold a forehand well in the rain. So I usually abandon it, unless I absolutely need it. I can grip a tomahawk pretty well in the rain and it is very predictable, so i use that more. Also, my putters are soft grippy plastic which helps a lot for throws and upshots.


I have a Voodoo bag and need to upgrade because it has too many miles on it, therefore I don’t have a rain-fly. I plan to upgrade soon. I have a decent jacket but had it in my bag and it got wet on the inside, so it became useless…lesson learned. Also started placing my mini and picking up my upshot disc with my off hand.

I actually had a better grip with forehand on my upshots than back hand grip. I was really struggling with my putts…thanks for the tip. I putt with Zero Hard Daggers and have a couple mediums that I usually switch to in the winter, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the advice.


First off, great post!! Playing in the rain is hard and with all the added gear it can make a round pretty complicated. Here is my strategy for the rain:
–Having a large umbrella is essential!! When you are walking it needs to keep you and your bag dry. Plus if there is any break in the rain, simply fold it up and stash it on the side of your bag. Assuming your using a bag with umbrella straps / holder.
–I use a two towel system. Both towels are dish towels that have the tight knit side and a side that feels like a bath towel. I don’t like microfiber towels because they begin to smell awful very fast and they tend to just push moisture around instead of wicking it off.
–Birdie Bag
–I do not use a bag cover because if I use the umbrella correctly my bag does not get wet. (i.e. when walking it’s big enough to cover, when setting bag down place umbrella over bag until you return to pick it up.)
–Waterproof jacket
–VERY IMPORTANT, have a couple changes of socks in the car and a dry pair of shoes if possible. Nothing like a cry pair of socks to set you up for your next round after lunch.

My Process from picking up a wet disc to throwing the same disc:
–Pickup disc with non-throwing hand and shake off heavy droplets
–Get under umbrella typically on the ground
–Wipe disc with towel “A” (This towel will get quite wet during the round but will continue to wick)
–Wipe disc and hands with towel “B” (By the time you wipe with towel “B” there is very little moisture to wick)
–Toss birdie bag with hand then hit it against the disc where you intend to throw. (At this point it’s as if the disc never got wet.)
–Get your grip on the disc before coming out from under umbrella.

If I don’t intend on throwing the same disc I’m picking up:
–Pick up disc with non-throwing hand and shake off heavy droplets
–Wipe with towel “A”
–Put it back in the bag

When it comes to putters I leave them wet. The reason for this is I don’t want to go through the drying process, clear my lie, setup, clear mind, go through routine, then just before I putt have a droplet slip under a finger and distract me. If I leave the putters wet then they are consistent throughout the round. Plus putting doesn’t require a really tight grip like driving does. It’s easy to practice putting wet as well, hit the practice basket when there’s morning dew on the ground :slight_smile:


Hanging dry towels from inside of umbrella keeps them the driest


Friction gloves
Big umbrella (I like the new Innova ones, they are square.) keep over bag.
Waterproof shoes, pants & jacket that you can easily move in.
Change out towels frequently.
Dry disc before putting back into bag.


Water proof shoes are a must for me! I put a few extra towels inside of ziplock baggies into my bag. That way, I can swap out for a dry towel during the round when my first towel(s) gets too wet. For me, I love having my Zuca cart during rain rounds. I put my rainfly onto the cart. I have a bagboy umbrella holder attached to the handle of the cart. This setup is amazing for me!


@ZestyRobinson, I like your idea about not drying off your putters. This eliminates the negative thoughts of not being able to get them dry and doubting your grip…just putt with them wet.

@Debbie, I have one of the USDGC square umbrellas and love it. Also, do you use the friction gloves for all throws?

@xoTaraL, I use ziplocks for my phone, keys, wallet and towels. I was kinda envious of those carts during the rain. Instead of squatting down under an umbrella to dry everything before and after each shot you could just stand and dry things.


When it gets so wet or snowy that I can’t keep the discs or my hands dry, yes i use them for all throws. I prefer to use my hands, but the friction gloves do the trick when I can’t get a good grip.


To continue on a good point that was made. Do you think it is a disadvantage throwing predominately forehand in the rain versus backhand?


i always play with wet putters even at putting league


@hueyman2 Ha… I just learned this last weekend…thought I was an innovator. …lol


Wow!! These are all amazing tips and great ideas. There’s one I can add for tournament play: Brown Paper Towels. Like the ones you find at convenience store or fast food restaurants. Keep these in a zip lock bag and use as the LAST thing to dry off your disc. You know when you can’t get off that last bit of moisture no matter how hard you try?? Well, the brown paper towels suck off that last bit of moisture. 100% guaranteed!! But, I would only recommend this for when it is tournament play or SUPER important for you to throw well.


Great set up, Tara!!


I’m predominately backhand so this response is weighted. I’d say yes, forehands are harder in the rain. There is significantly less surface contact between one’s hand and the disc, thus increasing the probabilities of grip issues. However this may not be the case if one is predominately forehand in all conditions and is good about keeping things dry.