Playing alone on a remote/isolated course


I went down to Spartanburg yesterday and played Pipeline for the first time. If you have ever been there, you know how weirdly secluded the course feels even though it’s not. As the round went on, I felt more “creeped” out. I don’t really know why, but it reminded me of the time I was in Marion and played Creek Wise. While there, I had that same feeling through most of the round and then saw a tree on hole 17 that had clearly been picked through by a bear…I didn’t even think about bears while playing DG. How dumb? I have a decent amount of experience in the woods camping and backpacking, but I usually have bear spray, a knife and/or a pistol which gives you a sense security. I’m not a person who is generally nervous in too many scenarios but I tend to be very “situationally aware” and try to be prepared. As I was driving back home from Spartanburg, I was thinking about possible solutions to this and thought this might be a good topic to post.

Possible solutions for me;

  1. Don’t play alone - more than one person usually equals noise which usually scares away any unwanted interaction with wildlife. Not too feasible for me, I play alone all the time.

  2. Carry bear spray - this could work for wildlife and random people who may have ill intent. It would need to be easily accessible to be effective and ideally carried on your person at all times. This would spark ribbing from “friends”. Additionally, leaving it in the car during the summer may be hazardous.

  3. Carry a knife - Simple and easy to carry during the round unless you go all Crocodile Dundee. The drawback to a knife is it’s reach…your arm length. It is only effective at close distance and is more reactive than preventative.

  4. Carry a pistol - This would be the most effective, but I believe the most challenging solution for many reasons. Without getting into too much detail, for this situation (alone and remote), I feel this could pose the greatest risk (unintentional injury while playing, etc.)

  5. Carry an air horn - This would need to be carried in a similar fashion to the bear spray and would only be a deterrent. Not to mention, you’d always be wondering if that was for “two minutes” or “start”.

  6. Don’t play courses in remote areas - While being generally safe from wildlife, parks in very populated areas have their own risk when playing alone. Plus, you have to play as many courses as you can…it’s a rule, look it up.

Have you found yourself in this a similar situation? What does everyone do? Have you even thought about this? Am I just paranoid? lol. I would love to hear your experiences and possible solutions.


Shoot I carry a pistol during sugaw am league…
:smile: just kidding.