Lost and found plastic


Add any lost or found plastic here:


I lost all of my discs at Bailey on hole 9 in the water. My friend Joe went in to get them; he never returned. #sadface


Kevin B has a rake. Have you tried to retrieve Joe this way?


Why are you hueyman2, was hueyman1 already taken? Hmmm, I wonder if I can change my name now…


Lost a Westside Underworld, yellow VIP plastic, at Kilborne on Dec 29. Probably on hole 6, off in the woods twenty-five feet from the last big pine on the left before the fairway bends to the right. It has my name and number inside the rim.

It’s broken in just right for long gentle right hand turns, although I can see why anyone finding my last ( but hopefully not final ) tee shot with it might be skeptical. If you found it, hit me with a text or reply to this message.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!



Checked out Cane Creek in Waxhaw Saturday (1/5) afternoon and left a pink & blue Nova (USDGC Doubles stamp) out there like a dummy. Probably on 17 or 18 if I had to guess… It has my PDGA # on the inside rim - 100111. Let me know if you run across it. Long shot, I know…


Lost my Am World Legacy Gauge on hole 8 at Scrapyard. Name, number, Pdga number on it. I have a backup, but would really like that one back if anybody rakes the lake.


Got a call yesterday from a guy who found my Underworld disc at R.L. Smith. Carried there from Kilborne by an infernal river?