Grooviest Tunes For Playing Disc Golf


What are your go to jams when hitting the course with some friends? What about solo rounds?

If I’m the DJ for a group I tend to gravitate to either instrumental music, blues/rock, or hip hop. Examples:
-Ozric Tentacles
-Chill Hop, stations on youtube.

-Gary Clark Jr.
-Muddy Waters
-Led Zeppelin

-Kendrick Lamar
-Tribe Called Quest

When playing solo rounds or sometimes during tournament play I have a couple go to’s:
-The Chariot
-Erykah Badu


This will be an unpopular response, but I don’t listen to music during rounds when I’m alone. It doesn’t bother me at all if someone wants to listen during casual rounds, club events…whatever. My logic with this is as follows; I don’t want to get accustomed to listening to music during my rounds (casual or competitive) and then have music be deemed illegal by the PDGA. I’ve often wanted to use earphones during tournaments because I have difficulty sometimes balancing being cordial/social to my cardmates and being focused on my game. Additionally, part of the appeal of disc golf to me is being in the woods or at a park and listening to the sounds of nature. With that being said, I love music and will listen to everything except modern day country and “mumble” rap. @ZestyRobinson thanks for the playlist, I’m going to check out the few on your list that I don’t know. Hopefully others will post some good stuff too.


For rounds with friends, I usually go with what the group likes. It’s usually 90s hip hop or 90s rock. lol

By myself, or tourneys with airpods (let’s sound in so I’m not the guy being repeatedly asked for my score and I can talk), I usually go with instrumentals:

David Maxim Micic
Sithu Aye
Arch Echo
Animals as Leaders
Jakub Zytecki
Modern Day Babylon
The Fine Constant
Andre Casagrande
Scale the Summit
Jonathan Kreisberg

If I want some vocals, can’t go wrong with:
Destiny Potato


When i play DJ on a card, Girl Talk - All Day is ALWAYS a hit. It’s one continuous mashup of rock and rap.

Download the album for free here, right on your device or computer - Girl Talk All Day album


I also find mashups to be awesome and more importantly, you don’t have to change the song every 5 minutes. Anything that you can put on and not worry about is good with me. The less I look at my phone or bag the better.