GO VOTE - 2019 CDGC Board of Directors Election


Hey all,

Just a heads up the 2019 CDGC Board of Directors Election voting is live until next Tuesday night at 11:50pm.

Check your inboxes for the ballot link, check our promotions folder if you’re on gmail. If you still don’t see it after checking ALL your folders, send board@charlottedgc.com an email and we’ll send out a unique ballot link.

Remember, if you were not a CDGC Club member in either 2018 or a current 2019 member, you can’t vote. You MUST be a club member to vote.

I’ll post a photo and the bio/question and answer each candidate answered in the replies shortly.




1) Why do you wish to serve on the CDGC Board of Directors? I wish to serve because I have recently gotten into the sport but have fallen absolutely in love with it. Disc golf and growing disc golf is my true passion. I love to fundraise and think I could bring good qualities and values to the board that others may not.

2) What skills, knowledge and passion would you bring to the position? I have over 7 years of sales skills, I can sell disc golf asI have demonstrated selling sponsorships for Piney Point Palozza, the Carolina Clash as well as the Kilborne Classic.

I am extremely passionate about growing and making our club the best club around I am always either on the course locally or traveling to another club and learning a ton about what they are currently doing to grow the sport. As I said I know I am newer to the sport but I really think I could be a huge benefit to the club!



Why do I want to be a board member?

A board of directors should fully represent the body for which it serves. I am a lady golfer, a mother of children who play and a 40+ age group participant. I would be honored to represent those individuals in the CDGC.

What skills/knowledge/passion do I have?

I’ve been a disc golfer since 1995, competitor and CDGC member since 2010. I have been an Innova Ambassador since 2013. I help run the Charlotte Women’s League. My passion is getting more women and children into the sport. I actively teach clinics and run events to encourage more ladies and children to play.



1) Why do you wish to serve on the CDGC Board of Directors? I am a natural volunteer, and I would cherish an opportunity to lend the club and the board my 15 years of experience in running and being involved in the club setting of disc golf. I have a vested interest in Disc Golf here in Charlotte and I believe that being on the board will give me an opportunity to grow this great sport and amazing club from the inside out. It is my love of the sport of disc golf and more importantly the disc golf community here in Charlotte that makes we want to be a integral part of this club and a contributing member of this board.

2) What skills, knowledge and passion would you bring to the position?

Skills & Knowledge– 15 years of experience as a competitive disc golfer. I am highly organized and poses above average communication skills. I have 20+ years of professional sales experience that helps me to be an effective negotiator and deal maker, as well as a very good listener. Being employed in the industry of disc golf allows me to understand the business of disc golf from the inside out. I am an experienced tournament director who ran the Azalea disc golf tournament in Wilmington NC for 8 years, the USDGC Doubles which is in its 4th year, the assistant TD for the Charlotte Amateur Championships for the last 2 years and most recently the TD for the Charlotte Club Championship. I was the President of the New Hanover Disc Golf Club for 8 years through being re-elected for 4 consecutive terms. Which is the longest standing President in the clubs 17-year history. I am a player and an organizer, so I can see club issues from both the perspective of the player and the staff. My experience as a player, organizer and leader has given me great insight in what it takes to keep a club on a positive path.

Passion - The people are what make this sport so amazing. The disc flying through the air is what hooked me on the sport but it was the community that made this my lifestyle for me. It is the relationships I have formed through this great activity that drive my passion to volunteer and be as involved as I can be in the disc golf community around me. I eat sleep and live disc golf. It is not a past time for me it is my life. It has driven me to dedicate a majority of free time to not only play but to help maintain courses, run events, attend club meetings and so much more. It was the reason I left a 20 year long career and moved away from the beach for the first time in my life at the ripe age of 44, to start a new career, in a new city. Disc Golf allowed me to make the best decision of my life and I owe the sport for that. I will repay the sport by being the best Charlotte Disc Golf Club Member I can be. I would be honored to serve on the Clubs Board of Directors if I am so chosen.



Director of Operations – Charlotte Disc Golf Club

Current Board Member (term up for election)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve, again, in a leadership role with the Charlotte Disc Golf Club. I highly value the responsibility of this position and strive every day to meet our mission of “Growing the sport of Disc Golf in Charlotte.” For me, safe, well-maintained, and properly designed courses as well as a healthy relationship with our park partners is a critical element of meeting our mission.

I thank you, in advance, for your vote.

Why do I wish to serve on the CDGC Board of Directors?

In order to continue the work that I have started and keep momentum with the course maintenance teams I feel that it is important to be part of the decision making tree. This allows for a quicker flow of resources to our course directors and quicker communication with the parks; who have been doing more and more as a result of the increased communication. We have Eastway, Robbins, and R.L. Smith reconstructions and new courses in the works that I would like to continue to pursue.

I have a passion for disc golf in Charlotte. I have proven this passion out through blood, sweat, tears, even surgeries! I wish to continue to toil to the best of my ability to keep Charlotte the disc golf mecca.

What skills, knowledge, and passion would you bring to the position?

As a professional in the consumer products and retail industry for over 20 years I have gained experience leading teams, communicating to executives on strategic projects, and even presenting to large supplier groups. The detail and processes needed to succeed in this environment carry over well to being part of a board of directors. Additionally, I have over 11 years of disc golf experience including the following:

· 280 courses played in 42 states

· I have played in numerous Pro and Am majors and A-tiers

· I have built, designed, or co-designed 7 disc golf courses

· Currently I am the Director of Operations, overseeing communication with parks and course directors for 17 local disc golf courses and as a consultant for 4 more.

During my past term

· Wrote bid and won bid for the 2018 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships

· Identified and managed the team that prepared Charlotte for the event and ran the championships at a profit for the Charlotte Disc Golf Club

· Competed and won MA40

· Convinced parks to spend over $150,000

o Replacing baskets at Kilborne and Reedy Creek

o Utilizing trail repair budget to make infrastructure improvements at Reedy Creek, Sugaw, and Kilborne, Renny to come

· Made decisions and voted on opportunities that have seen our membership rise to almost 500 members and $30,000 in savings.



1) Why do you wish to serve on the CDGC Board of Directors?

I wish to continue my tenure on the Board of Directors in order to keep improving our disc golf scene. I believe that the potential of our local scene is still yet untapped, and there’s so many more cool ideas to implement.

2) What skills, knowledge and passion would you bring to the position?

Our club President Jim Banbury is the league master. He guided me in my early days of running Putting League. I now have 6 years experience in creating and running Charlotte Putting League - the world’s largest. I created and run the Charlotte Showdown match play league which is entering into it’s 5th year. I also run the FriAm dubs league, which is in it’s 4th year.

I contribute technical knowledge because I’ve built and maintain the club’s website, and set up the communication platform the Board of Directors uses. I most recently implemented the new club forums at forum.charlottedgc.com (shameless plug) and Trello which is an online punch-list for all of our course directors to use.

My promise to you is to keep helping in the same capacity whether or not I’m re-elected to the board.

Thanks for voting me in the first time, it’s been a pleasure serving you thus far.


CDGC Board Election Results

The voting for the three open, two-year-term Board positions closed at midnight last night; 153 Club members submitted ballots, electing Matt Cheney, Dave George and Mark Huether. The strong candidate field also included Karen Hawks and Debbie Scott, with each of the five candidates offering skills, knowledge and passion that benefit both this Club and our sport. The new Board terms begin at the monthly Club meeting Feb. 13 at Lenny Boy. Thanks to our candidates and all members who participated in the election.