Charlotte ranks #3 in the US!


An expat of Charlotte Alex Williamson has been writing articles for Udisc on the top 10 areas for disc golf in the US. We came in 3rd.

Top 3 ain’t too bad, and Alex did a great job making Charlotte sound like a wonderful disc golf destination.

Check out the article here:

What do you think? Should we have been higher? Lower? What do you think we could do going forward to push the Udisc reviews higher?


I feel like we can play more days out of the year than a Maine or a Minnesota. We have maybe a week of snow each year, you can’t tell me #2 and #1 don’t have more than that… I may be wrong, but I think the weather would give us a leg up…but I’m, as you say… partial as all get out


You’re totally right about the weather. Unfortunately weather had no impact on how the top was decided. It was a balance of course density and mostly Udisc course ratings.


Course ratings on Udisc probably hurt us a little bit. We have so many top notch courses in the area that I believe it causes us (the local DG community) to be a bit spoiled/jaded when it comes to rating them.

Great article though!