Charlotte Course Volunteer Seminar


Please join us January 10th 7-9PM for our first annual course director training seminar. This meeting is for any CD, aspiring assistants, and anyone that is interested in supporting the maintenance of any of our 17 courses; from weekend warrior to occasional workday attendee. Each director will need a team of 5 to 10 occasional helpers.

You are all invited. Food and a few drinks will be on us, so bring an empty stomach and open mind.

I may have a northern Charlotte meeting for those folks north of 485 later in the month as well.

An RSVP below would be helpful so I can make sure food is ready when we get there.

Tyber Creek Pub
1933 South Blvd
Charlotte NC 28203
7-9pm upstairs



I’ll take an XL please


I have no idea who you are. Never mind, I can see. Youll get smedium and like it.


You just want to see me in a tight shirt.


XL please, no smediums for me :joy:


Hope to come, but I patching up from a broken leg so put down as a tentative.


I’m looking forward to being there.


Are the shirts real, if so I so want a LG


As I create the presentation, are there any questions that you would like to ask that I can work in and have some time to think about?

What would you like to learn about? See?



Could we create a central location (google sheet or something) to put all the course work needs on so it is clear to all the club members, as they go out to play a round, what they could possibly do? Only the directors would have editing rights. If not a director, you could just contact the director and have him/her add to the list.

Is it possible to add a “home course” dropdown section to DGU for club member sign ups? And maybe we could mention something about volunteering on DGU as people sign up. Maybe we could do a drop down asking how many hours the person signing up is willing to volunteer to course work. Also, could we collect the emails from DGU so Directors could email out to home course groups looking for volunteers?

Is it possible to offer admission to a weekly club event (5 dollar or less value) for volunteer hours? CTP and ace pool not included. Vouchers could be given out by course directors. We could utilize this incentive with any clean up or for the times when we really need work to be done before big events, etc.

Some of these ideas may not be practical. I don’t know the ins and outs of everything. Just trying to brainstorm here.


Ooo I like where your head is at! A rewards system and way to record when people contribute, but more importantly show where contributions are needed.


I will most likely be coming to this with a couple of my Brigadeers.


I believe it would be beneficial for all us who couldn’t attend to be able to see the PowerPoint. There are those of us who are willing to get their hands dirty but might not be able to get out when everyone else is out there. So, when we can help, our efforts are in accordance with the standards set forth. Additionally, some of us are members of other area clubs and could use the that information to help those clubs establish a course work standard using CDGC as reference.


You bet. That is our full intention. We’ll post it on the club website. Tried to upload a copy here but it won’t accept PDFs (which seems odd).


Brent, I’ll email you a copy. I don’t see your info on the 2019 Club roster yet, but 2018 shows a "knowname(XX) If that’s still good I can send there.


I fixed it so we can upload pdfs. Here it is.

CDGC Course Director Seminar.PPT.1_10_2019.pdf (1.2 MB)


@JimB I received the email, thanks. Also, thanks @chillywizard.


Thanks for sharing the powerpoint. Good information in there! I’ll keep my eyes open as I play the area courses