Brand NEW competition idea - Challenge Ladder - FEEDBACK NEEDED


I got inspired by a seed Stan McDaniel planted in my head last week about a Challenge Ladder, and I strongly want to bring this idea to life. How does it work? Here goes what I got so far…

Somehow everyone who plays is initially ranked.

Now you have a ladder. The rules are that you can challenge up to 3 above you, and anyone within 3 can challenge you.

You must accept the challenge and play within a week, or forfeit your spot on the ladder.

If you defend your spot and win, you stay put. If you defend and you lose, you take the winners’ spot, and everyone below you moves down one spot.

It can be overlaid on to singles leagues like Sugaw Am League, Reedy Creek Am League and also tournaments.

Tags are separate, but somewhat integrated. It’s expected you play for them in a challenge, and only Club members would be eligible for the Challenge Ladder so all will have tags.

Distance between challengers is a somewhat easy hurdle to jump, as we can break the city up into quadrants like Showdown.

I imagine this an an ongoing thing that has no set end. However, you can set “made up” time constrains, like a Spring set, and award highest movement, longest time at the 1 spot, etc.

There is an app I’m looking into that will both track each Ladder as well as it’s a system to contact the other players to challenge them.

What other issues or other ideas do you have that would make this an even better event?

How likely are you to participate in something like this? 1 means you never would, 10 means you absolutely would.

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what happens if 3 challenges 2,2 does 1 then 4 does 3 and 5 does 4 but u cant play them all in a week…so on so on…lol


Great question. That’s one of the variables I’m not sure how that works…but I’m 80% the app can handle it. I’ll create some fake profiles in the app this weekend to see what happens.

I think the way it should work is that once challenged, you have a week to fulfill it. While in the state of challenged but not played yet, it’s a freeze on challenges…which is why you’re allowed to challenge 3 above you.

Again, this is one spot I’m hoping to either figure out in the app or figure it out with good ideas and feedback here in the forums.


I love the idea. I’ve been trying to think of a suggestion to get people playing others more often, but couldn’t come with anything. This is pretty much what I feel tags should be. As it is, the only chance I get to play for tags is on Sugaw Sundays. I’ve always wanted to have a chance to play other club members more often.


To me and for me the within a week to play is an issue…rain, work, family, etc. If there was more time to play then I think I would be for it. I do like the idea though.


This is similar to what they do on Street Outlaws.


I’m going to start 2 test ladders, one for northside, one for southside.

If you’d like an invite, leave a reply and tell me what side you want to play on.


Throw me into southside.


I love in Noda. How far up does northside go?


Bradford/Robbins area is as far north as north will go.


I would like to be in on Southside!


I guess I’ll do Southside


North side works for me.


South-side, please sir.


Middle side, nevin nest over to idlewild