Big brothers, big sisters


Howdy all.
I have a friend who is involved with big brothers, big sisters.
I was thinking when the weather changes for the better that it may be good to hold a field day/disc golf discovery day for the bigs and Littles of the program.
We will be gauging interest on that side of things as time progresses.
My question for the club is if there would be 3 or 4 of you with somewhat teaching level experience to help point these guys and gals in a good direction as far as how to play. I was thinking of having a field clinic… maybe stations for putting tips, driving tips and so on…then after everyone has learned and thrown a little I’d like to break them down in groups to play a round. At that point there would just need to be an etiquette liason for every group, letting them know when to let a group play through, how to treat the course…yadda yadda.
If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help do some good works for kids who could benefit from a cheap and accessible sport , please share! This is strictly in the serious idea phases until I get some legitimate interest, I will update as those things happen.
Thanks all!


Daniel, I’m sure we can help make this happen. There are a good number of club members who have done this type of thing before with Scout, church and P&R groups. Do you have a sense of how many people we may be looking at? Any geographic considerations for where this might best be held?


I would imagine it may be about 20 people, 10 kids 10 adults. Somewhere in there. My partner in this venture is reaching out to the organization, now that we know we will have some support. So I will get back to everyone on hard numbers.
As far as a location, I’m open to suggestions but we would obviously need a big enough field to do some group teaching…then preferably a small course for them to play. Like renske but with a decent field that isn’t flooded and won’t be in the way of other players… maybe Elon park’s fields. Then play eager beaver afterwards.
I am flying by the seat of my pants a little, but everyone does at first… We just want to give back some of the good we’ve gotten from DG.

Thanks for the help!