Before and after course work photos


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Repaired washed out and muddy follow through.
1 4x4x10
3 - 15" rebar x 1/2"
Shovel, Cordless Drill, 6" 1/2 spade bit, mallet
6 bags crushed GRANITE - Home Depot
Dig channels away from teepad so water can flow around it.
Create water diversion with 4x4 and dig out material between tee and block. Fill with crushed granite.


Dragging Cut Material on Nevin 12, clearing underbrush on right side of gap.
Notice: condensed neat pile. Will degrade faster and be less of a lost disc obstacle.


Idlewild Hole 7 cleaned up most of the left side.
Right side has a lot more to be consolidated into a neat pile.


Mostly afters …




I know it can never be said often enough, but thank you for the time and effort dedicated!